For individuals

What we do for INDIVIDUALS:

Individual Business Coaching can be used for developing leadership, communication or personal development in leader teams and matrix organizations. Individual coaching is often used to optimize the potential with a specific leader.

Helle Thorbjørn works with individuals in situations, where Business and Executive Coaching has proven to be successful:

Balancing the expectations from key stakeholder externally and internally

Developing executive presence

Enhancing strategic thinking

Dealing with conflicts

Managing career

Career transition

Interpersonal and professional communication

Performance management

Organizational effectiveness

Personal changes

Building an effective team within an organization

The method used is Executive Business Coaching. The desired outcome is to help the clients release their biggest potential to contribute to their own success, as well as the success of the wider system. By incorporating tools for learning, it becomes a norm to have a broader perspective upon where and how they can contribute.

Business and Executive Coaching provides positive support and feedback and can be applied on an individual or a group basis to improve effectiveness in the business setting

Helle Thorbjørn is a certified ICF (International Coach Federation) Coach. Ethical guidelines from ICF can be found here


Clients say:

“Overall performance developed from good to excellent”

“Increased ability to take a wider responsibility”

“As a result of the coaching, the individual changed approach from operational to strategic and is now considered by the group organization as a potential member of our global executive team“

"I can fully recommend Helle Thorbjørn as an executive business coach"

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