For organizations

What we do for ORGANIZATIONS:

For the overall purpose of high performing organizations, individuals and teams, Nordic Development supports them to be successful and to release their full potential. In an always changing environment we work with teams and individuals to optimize their relations, connections and partnerships with their surrounding world, commissioners, key stakeholders and each other.

We offer a strategic partnership, where different perspectives to solving business and organizational issues are in focus.

Our method is an outside/in perspective, where we experience what the challenges look like from a broader view. Often the solutions are different than first anticipated.

We have supported organizations with issues such as:

Building effective teams in the organization

Organizational changes

Clarification of the overall strategy

Development of leader behavior

Implementation of strategies

Culture change – and anchoring

Employee satisfaction surveys

Stressed organizations

Working with organizations and teams Helle Thorbjørn facilitates workshops enabling the attendees to discover new perspectives and providing tools which enable them to continue their development journey. In parallel to this she also works with leaders individually.

The methods used are Executive Business Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching.  The desired outcome is to help the clients (individually and team based) release their biggest potential to contribute to their own success, as well as the success of the wider system. By incorporating tools for learning, it becomes a norm for individuals and teams to have a broader perspective upon where and how they can contribute

Clients say:

”We have obtained a clear increase in employee satisfaction surveys after our cooperation with Nordic Development”

“During the process, we have found other ways of working together. This has proven to help the whole organization, the employees and our external stakeholders”

“We have been challenged to see ourselves from the Outside”

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