For teams

What we do for TEAMS:

In an always changing environment we work with teams to optimize their relations, connections and partnerships with their surrounding world, commissioners, key stakeholders and each other. We work with teams towards their common purpose and goals, and we work with them on how they can further develop their own team members to understand the same context.

Our cooperation with teams builds on the development of individuals to become better leaders. In addition, it also focuses on the interpersonal relations between the individuals in the team. In the belief that the employees are any company's most important resource, many organizations choose to develop their employees through the best possible leadership. We support the managers to be the optimal leaders of the organization's valuable employees.

Working with organizations and teams Helle Thorbjørn facilitates workshops for the attendees to discover new perspectives and providing tools, which enables them to continue their development journey after the workshop. In parallel to this she also works with leaders individually.

The methods used are Executive Business Coaching and Systemic Team Coaching. The desired outcome is to help the clients (individually and team based) release their biggest potential to contribute to their own success, as well as the success of the wider system. By incorporating tools for learning, it becomes a norm for individuals and teams to have a broader perspective upon where and how they can contribute.

Clients say:

“We have learned to see, understand and unlock the patterns and habits we used to have”

“We understand how to release the potential in our team and in the wider organization”

“Our employees are engaged and take more responsibility”

“We have a common understanding of WHY we are here, WHAT is expected from us, HOW we can co-create our way forward and WHO to involve”

“During the process working with Helle Thorbjørn, we implemented new tools and methods in our way of working – and we can now apply these to future changes”

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